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Doing your best is ALWAYS enough!

by COSS Blog Contributor Joann Homen

You're not smart enough!

You're not talented enough!

You do not deserve it!

You will never be able to do it!

You are a failure!

and so on and so on!

Oh, the negative words that we speak to ourselves.

We are often our worst critics and fail to see our positive traits and why would we? Our ego brains-washes us to believe all the negative stuff it feeds us because the ego is afraid of growth and would rather keep us in a familiar stagnant holding pattern. The ego loves to be in control.

We need to flip the script on our ego and instead of buying the ego's negative narrative, we need to celebrate our efforts to do our best. The best is all we can do so, give yourself a break from the negativity that the ego feeds you.

Truly giving it your "BEST SHOT" is "ENOUGH", so stop being so hard on yourself and instead pay homage to the efforts you make, even if the don't always result in a success, because part of life's journey is to not always succeed, and we need to be less harsh on ourselves when this happens.

If you tried your best…. let it be and call it a day!

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