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by COSS Blog Contributor Joann Homen

When we learn to rely on the universe to always have our back and trust that it is working behind the scenes to move mountains on our behalf, we soon learn that this wisdom comes with great clarity and almost appears to be to easy.

This is how we know that it is being divinely guided, the ease of it's arrival and the clarity it brings to us.

When we try to force outcomes this is when things get confusing. Our ego gets involved in the outcome and we often get confused, don't know what to do, how to do it or when to do it. We are like a fish out of water.

Call on your helping spirit team of spiritual helpers to help you to recognize when they are assisting you and how to get out of the way of their assistance.

If you meet resistance or are confused, you are involved. Pull over and get in the passenger side of the car and let spirit drive the magic into your life.

Yes it really IS that easy!

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