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Choose Wisely!

by COSS Blog Contributor Joann Homen

Most of us are not aware of how powerful we are as manifesters, we think that stuff comes and goes simply by chance. Nothing is further from the truth, and we have a lot more to say in what manifests in our lives than we know.

The universe brings to us that which we focus on. For example, if we focus on lack of abundance and get trapped in the mindset of "Not having enough", well the universe sees that as your reality and in turn brings you more lack of abundance because this is what you believe.

Every single thought we think has manifesting abilities and the universe is watching and listening to our every thought and action.

What we read, listen to, watch, and think literally work toward shaping our day-to-day life.

With the knowledge of how the universe works to create our daily reality, we now have the power to better control what experiences, situations and abundance flows into our lives.

It is ALWAYS better to focus on the positive than the negative so choose your thoughts, how you will react and what you expose yourself to wisely, every single one of these things has manifesting energy.

So, choose wisely, that which you would have present in your life!

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