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by COSS Blog Contributor Joann Homen

When we have a sense of our own self-worth and a clear view of who we are, and what is good for us, we will be less inclined to allow people to treat us badly.

I personally HATE drama, and it in NO WAY offers anything beneficial for my life and I tend to try to avoid it like the plague to maintain peace in my life.

With that said, at times we do have to stand our ground and deal with the situation that involves the drama, but we can do our best to minimize our engagement in it and how we act / react to it.

You do NOT have to stand there and be disrespected by anyone, EVER! I have been in this situation a few times over my life and although I hate confrontation, I will not be verbally abused or belittled by another.

When I find myself in this situation, I give the person I am engaging with a clear indication (politely) that I am open for a conversation, but it has to be carried on in a mutually respectable fashion and I will not allow them to talk to me in a derogatory manner. I make sure they understand my position and we go from there.

I have had to walk away, literally from people! If the person keeps attacking me after I have indicated that their behaviour is NOT okay, then I walk away because no one and I mean NO ONE has the right to talk to you in a derogatory manner.

You deserve to be talked to in a respectable manner, so, set your personal boundaries and draw a firm line in what you will accept and not accept in interactions and relationships with others. After you have set up those boundaries, stand your ground and if someone starts verbally belittling you and walk away from the situation and the drama.

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