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Blessing or Lesson

by COSS Blog Contributor Joann Homen

People are always coming and going in our lives. We NEVER MEET someone that isn't important in our life somehow.

The relationship could be an interaction at a grocery store and may not feel at all special, but that simple exchange could make a profound difference in the person's life.

Maybe you let them in front of you in the grocery store because they had a couple of items opposed to your full shopping card. And little did you know that experience picks them up from a stressful day because the soup and crackers they were buying is for a very sick child at home that they are terribly worried about. Your simple gesture made them feel better, if only briefly.

For interactions that are longer in duration, those too can be a blessing or a lesson. I have had many relationships and friendships alike that have played the role of blessing or lesson.

Did you know that sometimes lessons are blessings in disguise? It is important to not judge the experiences as good or bad but simply as experiences that happened.

There is growth from both but your mindset will be the deciding factor in whether the experience was a blessing or lesson. I suggest seeing the experiences from a positive mind set rather a negative one,. By doing so you are more likely to appreciate all experiences and they are less likely to cause you undue stress.

Enjoy people and all the opportunities that come with each interaction, no matter how brief and recognize them for the blessings they are even if they are also wrapped up as a lesson.

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