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Being in the Now

by C.O.S.S. Blog Contributor Julie Hagan

Hang on.



To the past… to the expectations of your future.

Hold on.

Keep carrying that around.

More regrets, more memories more wants, more have to haves, to dos.

Holding them OK?

Need a bigger bag?

Need a baggage cart?

Need to see the doctor because of the pain carrying all this causes?

Need help, need storage space?


Or you can let go. Breathe. Step away from the past. Step back from the future.

Where are you now? Exactly. Now. And now and now and now.

All that you have experienced is in you. There when you need it…no need to lug it around on display for all to see or for you to look at instead of that lovely sunset that is happening NOW.

What - it has already dropped down behind the horizon? That is how quickly the moment passes so make sure you are in it fully. No wishing you had more of that sunset to watch …

You have it all in every moment of now. You are breathing, heart pumping and beating, alive. Bring that to every experience of the moment. You will build memories and regrets and teachings and pain and love….you don’t need to go over and over them. They are part of this moment, and this moment.

And this.

As are your dreams and wishes and hopes for what is yet to come and unfold in your life. But again, don’t dwell in the having to have or striving for those. Dwell in the breath.

That moment when all you are is available to you. When all you need is given. And now. And now.

Life is a daisy chain of thoughts and wishes and dreams and sorrows and losses and wins. Wear it as a crown, dance with it. Don’t let it weigh you down by being anchors in the past or future, pulling you in either direction out of the now. The moment, the experience you are having now.

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