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Be the Change!

by COSS Blog Contributor Joann Homen

Opinions, opinions, opinions, we all have them that is certain.

Some of our opinions are good, some bad and some in-between.

Opinions are awesome, they give us a chance to share our views with other people and to express ourselves.

Opinions make the world go around but they do little to change the world.

With all our opinions floating around they do little to enhance life, and if we are so focused on OUR opinions and we become unwilling to listen to others, this is a problem.

Regardless, our opinions really don't really do much to change the world, they may influence those that know us, but the world goes on with or without our opinions.

With that said, our actions DO have the capacity to change the world. A simple kindness such has holding an umbrella over a person in a wheelchair to try to shelter them from the rain does. That simple action is on full display for others to see and to "form an opinion about".

Our acts of kindness, often without us knowing, are observed by others and they help others to see the goodness in life and in others. How beautiful is that.

So, if you want to change the world, do it with simple kindness directed towards others, your opinions will never impact the world like your actions will.

Be the kindness that brightens another's day and changes the world in a positive way!

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