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Astrology Retrogrades

by COSS Blog Contributor Tamara Sophia

On June 3 2022, Saturn stationed retrograde slowing down certain professional goals we may have and asking us to be patient in our climb up the proverbial mountain. And now Mercury has stationed retrograde too. Understand that retrograde periods are helpful and necessary and certainly nothing to be feared.

Think of it as the chance to symbolically clean your house, which has by now become cluttered with so many projects on the Go. Or finally catch up with old friends that you’ve neglected in your busy life. Or spend more quality time with your family, and think about what’s really important.

The rushing material world can wait and in fact, less progress will be made now if you push anyway. Just maintain the status quo.

So why not go inside & reflect on how well your meeting your responsibilities?

Or whether you’ve taken on too much?

Whether your direction is the right one for you, or whether you bit off more than you can chew?

Do you have the energy and drive it takes to meet the goals you’ve set anyway?

Have you allowed time for rest and reflection?

Is it time to re-think your direction?

Maybe your expectations too?

The universe is giving you the chance to address these questions because it’s GIVING YOU A BREAK from the whirlwind of life that we get swept into. It’s neither healthy nor viable to be constantly pushing, accomplishing & making forward progress. If you can accept that, then Retrograde periods are actually EASIER.

Mercury is Rx until Oct 2 2022 and Saturn is Rx until Oct 24 2022@18 degrees Aquarius.

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