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Astrology Humor!

by COSS Blog Contributor Tamara Sophia

What’s Great about Each Sign?

What’s great about Aries ?

He’ll be the first to volunteer in a crisis and rescue the damsel in distress but don’t make him wait – oops! He’s already gone…….

What’s great about Taurus?

They won’t jump off the cliff on a dare. At least put some money on the table.

What’s great about Gemini?

He’ll speak every dialect of Swahili and remember historical war dates but forget to pick up the groceries.

What’s great about Cancer?

She’ll serve you the most delicious soup you’ve ever had; made with love. And you can’t forget the key ingredient “tears of guilt”.

What’s great about Leo?

They’ll never embarrass you with how they speak or look. Even if it means lying their pants off about their celebrity career or designer clothes.

What’s great about Virgo?

He’ll make sure the floor is clean enough to eat off of, but cut toilet paper out of your daily necessities; sorry- you’re overbudget!

What’s great about Libra?

She’ll be charming, gorgeous & never start a fight. But with that “mirroring” technique she’s mastered, you’ll never really know what SHE wants…….

What’s great about Scorpio?

He’ll never reveal your sacred secrets or betray you, unless of course you make telepathic contact with the enemy. Then all bets are off. Prepare the AK47.

What’s great about Sagittarius?

He’ll fight for human rights in Rwanda but ignore your electric bill and bathroom flooded with sewage.

What’s great about Capricorn?

She’ll make sure your schedule is organized, the house is clean and the bills are paid. Your boss loves her. But don’t expect her to cry when you lose your pet rock.

What’s great about Aquarius?

They’ll never bore you with their big ideas or crazy eccentricities. Join them in saving the bees. Then discover they’re insane.

What’s great about Pisces?

Open, non-judgmental & easy to mold, but annoying when they never take a firm stance on anything. “It’s all good.”

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