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Astrology Feb 2023

by C.O.S.S. Blog Contributor Tamara Sophia

Uranus the awakener, Neptune the illuminator and Pluto the Transformer, are the planets that establish LIFE ERAS in your birth chart.

When one of these “Transcendentals” changes houses in your horoscope, it heralds the beginning of a NEW EPOCH in your life, an important new theme. These outer planets then set the stage for the faster moving planets like Mars & Venus to create their own sub-themes; a little dance.

And you may not realize what’s happening until you’re already well into living that story. Astrology can help you pinpoint these themes and highlight timing – prepare for what’s coming down the road.

Did you know that outer planets aspecting your moon affect you emotionally?

Does your Moon aspect Jupiter?

Moon/Jupiter people tend to extremes in emotion, something they’re often exposed to in childhood, likely through their mother figure. Also there’s an over-optimism or belief that with enough faith, goodwill & spirituality, everything will be alright.

This is often but not always accompanied by a desire to see only the big picture and gloss over the details. As well, there are often issues with over-eating or food=comfort.

Does Saturn aspect your Moon?

People with Moon/Saturn aspects typically have to grow up fast, taking on adult responsibility in childhood. They may have needed to become “little parents”. The mother figure can be unavailable due to other commitments or responsibilities, though there is often stability in childhood.

There is an emotional desire to overcompensate and do more, there’s a feeling of inadequacy and this is overcome through hard work and accomplishment. There may also be issues with trust and emotional intimacy.

Does the Moon aspect Uranus in your natal chart?

Moon/Uranus people are sporadic in the giving & receiving of nurturing. The mother figure may have been unpredictable or unstable in some way & their early childhood is full of change.

Through this, they learned how to turn their emotions on and off, often as easily as a light switch. They are comfortable with being different, and enjoy their unconventional nature; they are unconventional, spontaneous and & may even be a little shocking. They are more comfortable with change and may often find ways to create or “shake things up”.

Does Neptune aspect your Moon?

Moon/Neptune people are intuitive and compassionate but can over-do caring for others, often at their own expense. The mother figure may have been absent due to illness or drug/alcohol problems.

The childhood may have had a drifting or dreamy, unreal quality. They are natural dreamers and attracted to fantasy; for this reason they also have addictive personalities. Marilyn Monroe had this aspect. Positively it lends great tolerance and spirituality; this is also seen in many psychics or mediums, artists and actors.

Does Pluto aspect your Moon?

Moon/Pluto people are intense & deeply loyal but initially, often suspicious about bonding. The mother figure was likely controlling or a person with whom they experienced power dynamics or betrayal. Childhood often leaves a lasting imprint, and often not in a healthy or positive way. Emotional trauma is likely, sometimes through the mother or even just family dynamics.

This individual often seeks out therapy to investigate their pain more deeply. They also sometimes unconsciously seek out relationships that will re-play certain traumas out for them. It’s very often a lifetime of investigating the depth of their emotions, or seeking vindication, and they may feel like they never completely reach the bottom of their personal ocean.

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