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Venus conjoins with Jupiter in a beautiful dance of mysticism and grace April 28-May 1 2022.

Updated: May 16, 2022

by Tamara Sophia (April 26, 2022)

This may well be one of the most lovely and fortunate aspects of the year, as beneficial as the Jupiter/Uranus sextile we saw earlier in April. If you can possibly start something, anything; especially on April 29 - 30, 2022, please do. You cannot let this kind of good fortune slip through your fingers.

For some people it may be abundance on a material level, for others, it portends romance or a beautiful social event or invitation; and for still others expect to hear good news that calls for celebration. It would be a most auspicious time to get married if you are so lucky, or even to have a first date.

Think of where you have Pisces in your horoscope to guess where its good luck may appear and this is especially true for Pisceans or those that have planets around 27 degrees of Cancer or Scorpio.​

Worst case scenario, you are simply surrounded by generosity and kindness; even a bit of self-indulgence because you are enjoying yourself a little too much!

Even if you are not able to use this date as the starting point of some new venture or adventure, we are all doubly blessed because of the April 30 solar eclipse. It acts as a time-stamp, capturing the magical energy of this weekend and spreading it out over the next 6 months. It will become part of the identity of this very special total solar eclipse.

Copyright Tamara Sophia

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