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Are you Born on an Aries Point ?

by COSS Contributor Tamara Sophia

Are you Born on an Aries Point ?

Do you know how to identify an Aries Point planet? Hint: It’s not just for Aries. Check your natal chart for any planets at 29 degrees Pisces through 0-1 degrees Aries, 29 degrees Virgo through 0-1 degrees Libra, 29 degrees Gemini through 0-1 degrees Cancer, 29 degrees Sagittarius through 0-1 degrees Capricorn.

Especially if your Sun is at one of these degrees, (Bday on March, June, or September or December 20-22) you are likely to impact the world in some public way and to become known for ushering in some change.

For example you may become a minor celebrity or even just become well-known in your field among peers, clients; even fans. Something about you stands out and makes you a pioneer - first in your field.

Examples: Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Deepak Chopra, Actors Timothy Dalton, Gary Oldman, Samuel Jackson, race car driver Senna da Silva, Singer Andrea Bocelli Prime Minister Bryan Mulroney, Author Dan Brown (da Vinci code) Actresses Meryl Streep & Jane Fonda, Footballer Harry Kewell, Journalist/anchor Diane Sawyer.

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