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A Healthy Self means to Heal Thy Self!

by COSS Blog Contributor Joann Homen

Every single one of us, needs healing of some sort to be healthy.

Most of us are not even aware of the type of healing that we might need. The healing could be many things and will be unique to each one of us but all of us have some unhealed baggage, (usually emotional), that we have been carrying around forever and a day.

The negative baggage (experiences) can cause adversely impacts our health and we really need to actively work towards resolving it.

It is important to realize that NO experience is a waste! Some experiences are less pleasant than others, but ALL past experiences are a catalyst for our personal growth IF WE ALLOW them to be.

The problem is most of the time we don't want to deal with the past and opt instead to drag its negative influence around in our lives. When we do this the negative baggage often leaves us exhausted both psychically and mentally.

I suggest delving into those less than pleasant memories and dealing with them because once you heal from them you will have moved beyond them, and your overall health should improve.

So, my friends, roll up those sleeves, deal with the baggage and lighten your load and remember...

A Healthy Self means to Heal Thy Self!

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