Past Life Regression

90-Minute Past Life Exploration Session 

$200.00 + TAX


A Past Life Regression Reading is a tool used to explore past lives to uncover the root/beginnings of emotional patterns and abilities you may be experiencing in this lifetime.  A Past Life Regression Reading session will help you to uncover the most fascinating parts of who you are and it can assist in understanding fears, phobias, obsessions, depression, relationship problems, and more.  

During a Past Life Regression session Joann will gently guide you into a calming and relaxed meditative state, and then back through this life, past your birth, and then further back into a past life (lives). You will be guided to the point of origin that an issue or program first came from and with direction be able to clear and heal it on a very deep level. The healing and forgiveness is then brought forth into one's present life to create more love, peace and happiness going forward.

One doesn't have to consciously believe in past lives for a Past Life Regression session to be beneficial. It is through this meditative state that you are brought deep down into your psyche to uncover and unravel the memories you carry of past lives.


The experience of Past Life Regression can feel like a dream, where the client observes the events unfolding, but also may see, hear, and feel what is happening.  During the regression the client is always safe and in control.   

Past Life Regression sessions can also assist you in understanding soul lessons and connections with others, in fact often clients will recognize a family member or friend even though they will be in a totally different body, and be aware of the connection or lessons involved.  It is a beautiful, enchanting and healing experience! 


Often only one session is necessary; however, multiple sessions can lead to further self-discovery and growth. When we understand our patterns on a conscious level-that is where change can take place and we can begin to see a real shift in our lives. This leads to more love, better relationships and forgiveness.


First, we will determine an intention for your session. This may include a specific issue or area you wish to uncover. As part of your first session, a 10-minute phone consultation is included as part of the price. This is the opportunity to have any questions you may have answered so that you are completely comfortable with the process and objectives.


As your guide, Joann will lead you to a relaxed state, through guided meditation, so that she can speak directly to your subconscious mind. You will be asked to visualize certain things, similar to observing a dream. When the exploration is complete, we will identify the content and information for further understanding. Sometimes it may take several days to a week for the experience to fully process.



A Past Life Regression Reading is completely safe and very effective, and there is no need to experience the heavy emotional side effects. Change can take place when the root of an issue is uncovered and brought to conscious awareness. You are in complete control the entire session and Joann does not manipulate your subconscious thoughts in any way. You will experience a heightened sense of awareness, and you can never be made to do or say anything you do not want to.

Joann will be your trusted guide throughout the session.


Our relationship is built on trust, compassion and understanding. You have free will choice at every moment, and you will not be forced into any experience that you are not comfortable with.


Often, the ego does not want us to experience change, so it is possible to experience some resistance during a regression, but be assured that Joann is there to walk you through the process.


Not everyone has a fully vivid experience their first time, however, benefits and insights can still be gained even if one does not reach the optimal state.

Please note: A Past Regression Reading is not meant as a replacement for traditional forms of therapy or medical attention. This work is for the purpose of self-empowerment. It is at the discretion of the practitioner to determine if this is a suitable fit.

Past Life Regression Cost

90-Minute Reading for $200.00 + Tax

There is the option to do more than one session to go deeper into the work of looking into your past lives and how they are relevant in present day. Some people find it really helpful to journey deeper or modify the intention to discover more around an issue or aid clearing it. When you create the momentum of doing more than 1 within a shorter period of time you may have the ability to integrate those changes and discoveries more rapidly. You can use multiple sessions to look at a particular area or instead have multiple focuses.

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Practitioners will contact you via email (Within 48 hours, or 2 business days - not including holidays or weekends) of receiving your purchase notification.


The practitioner will provide a list of dates/times they are available for a session. Once you have decided on a mutually agreeable date/time you will be sent details regarding how the session will occur.