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Our Mission and Vision

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We believe in:

Assisting all those who seek spiritual fulfilment.


Helping those who are seeking enrichment of body, mind and spirit through teaching,

healing, and prayerful thought.

To create a nurturing, welcoming and loving atmosphere where individuals can explore

and discover their Divinity, Spiritual destiny and are encouraged to do so.


Providing a place where freedom of thought, self-expression and confidence

in one’s uniqueness can grow.


Living our lives knowing the connecting link between the Creator, the 

helping spirits and ourselves is always open.


Demonstrating and providing proof that the soul continues after death and that communication

with those who have crossed over is possible. 

Living in love and light is our main goal and we try to share this with everyone around us.



Leading by example by living a living our lives in a moral, ethically fair, unbiased and open-minded manner.


Promoting growth and the advancement of the Community of Spiritual Seekers in a responsible way that is free of ego, exclusivity and self-glorifying based behaviours.

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