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Meet Your Power Animal Workshop with a Guided Shamanic Style Journey Meditation

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This unique workshop will teach you about Power Animals and how to utilize their powerful help in your day-to-day-life.


During the 2nd part of the workshop you will be guided through a Shamanic style meditation where you will meet with and connect to your Power animal and access it's profound wisdom and guidance. 

Wed. Oct. 26th from 7:30 - 9:30 PM ET

Cost: $50.00

+HST Sales Tax

Have you ever wondered if you have a power animal?


Have you heard others in your life talk about animal guides?


Are you curious about how you might make contact with your power animal?

What is a power animal?

Power animals, also known as Helping Spirit Animal Guides, Totem Animals and Spirit Animals, are considered by many Native Indians to be a type of spiritual guide that remains with you throughout your lifespan. A power animal is a reflection of your inner-spiritual self. It is possible to have several spirit animals over the course of your life but once a power animal becomes part of you, that power animal remains with you and never leaves.

Power Animals are not chosen

It is important to know that you do not choose your power animal helping spirit guide. Instead, the power animal chooses us and decides if they will reveal themselves. Just because you have always liked dogs does not mean your power animal is some type of canine (wolf).

When we try to force an animal to be our spirit guide, we do a great disservice to our true life animal guide and to that species. Indians believe that only a narcissist believes they have the power to choose a spirit.

Part of the journey in getting your power animal to reveal itself to you requires the ability to put aside the self while being simultaneously open to messages that come from beyond our understanding of space and time.

Where do power animals come from?

According to Native Indian beliefs, customs and history, power animals come to us from a Higher Power, also known as a Creator. It is believed animals have been placed on earth to teach us (mankind) many important lessons.

A power animal is considered to be sacred, emanating from a divine force. Many Native Indians consider this force to be the Holy Spirit of the Creator.

Some Indians also consider their power animal to be a kind spirit angel.

The existence of power animals can be at odds with many contemporary religious beliefs. For example, some Christian-type religions do not believe animals have spirits (a.k.a. a Soul).

Native Indians and other groups however believe the opposite. Those who have empathic abilities certainly believe animals have a spirit.

How do I contact my power animal?

Meeting your power animal should be thought of as a journey and not a destination point. In other words, arriving at a place of being receptive to your power animal requires time and patience. One way to help yourself clear your mind and prepare for a potential encounter with your power animal is to practice mindfulness meditation which we will be doing in the second half of this evening. 


This specialty shamanic style guided meditation facilitated by Joann with the assistance of her helping spirit team and is designed to help create an environment where your power animal guide will feel comfortable revealing itself to you. 

During the meditation, at some point in time, you will sense an animal approaching you. Many people report hearing the animal in the distance; such as bending blades of grass or gravel being moved. Just be patient and let it happen. At the time of your animal spirit's choosing, it will reveal itself. Almost always, it will be the first animal that you see. 

During the meditation, you may notice other animals gathering around or in the background. This is perfectly OK. These animals are likely other spirit guides that have been part of your journey.


Our goal is to connect with our main power animal and you will have ample time during the meditation to do so. Talk to your power animal as if you were talking to a friend. More important, be open to listening to your power animal - for they have much wisdom and guidance to share with you to help you in your day-to-day life.

Zoom Link Details will be sent to paid attendees shortly before the event so please check your email for the link.

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