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July 13th 

7:30 - 9:30


Cost: $40.00 + Tax

Your Higher Self is the True You. It is the higher Divine aspect of you that is fully connected to the All, and as a result of this expanded awareness and presence is able to clearly guide and support you in living your most vibrant life.

Whether you are aware of the presence of your higher self, or not, they are always looking out for what is best for you. Your higher self guides and supports you in becoming aware of your innate connection and oneness with the Divine and All That Is.

In this amazing workshop, you are not only going to learn how to connect with your Higher Self, you will also experience this direct connection so you can embody the higher light frequencies of wisdom, love, that are in direct alignment with your core truth.

What is the Higher Self?

Your Higher Self is the higher dimensional aspect of you. It is the higher part of you that is fully aware of your oneness with the All…  With Source, the Divine, the Infinite.

It is the part of you that is aware of the specific purpose and mission you as a soul incarnated here in the physical, to experience, and because of this awareness is able to guide and support you in anchoring this higher purpose into your physical life.

Benefits of Connecting with Your Higher Self

There are really so many benefits of connecting with your Higher Self including that this connection empowers you to perceive from a Higher Divine perspective, to clearly know your best steps, and to simply observe your present situation from the lenses of Divine Love, from Higher Knowing and Divine Truth.

Reconnect with your Higher Self

You have an innate link with your Higher Self. To reconnect with it, it's about clearing your mind, silencing your thoughts, and tuning into a relaxed, present point of awareness, being fully here and now. When you're relaxed, you're then able to consciously call in light around you in a way you can feel, perceive and experience.

Spiritual Growth and Embodying Your Higher Self

Ultimately, spiritual growth is the process of embodying your Highest Divine self more and more as you go about your everyday life.  And workshops like this one will help you to consciously call forth that experience, to create a tangible and real shift in the moment.

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Once you connect with your higher self, you can

expect these 5 amazing things to happen.

1.    Overwhelming Sense of Harmony and Peace

Firstly, connecting with your higher self though mindfulness and meditation will fill your body and soul with an overwhelming sense of harmony. You will feel at peace with yourself, and all of your negative self-talk and criticisms will appear to vanish. This is because you will be finally able to see yourself as the whole intelligent and worthy human being that you are.

2.    Deeper Mind and Body Connection

Secondly, you will feel more connected with your mind and body. Many people walk though life unattuned with their body and mind. This is because of their daily struggles and burdens that build up and cause “spiritual blocks”.

However, attending this workshop may provide the healing needed to remove the spiritual blocks, connect with the higher self, and thus develop a deeper connection to your mind, body, and soul.

3.    Inspiration to Do the Things Your Love

Misalignment of your energy balance often results in stress, fatigue, and demotivation to do things that are for self-care. However, once you connect with your higher self through mindfulness and meditation, you will suddenly be able to regain the childlike sense of wonder and inspiration that encourages you to spend time doing the things that you love to do. This will nourish your spirit and bring internal happiness.

4.    Stress, Anxiety, and Burdens Melt Away

Once you are in a deep state of meditation and connect to the higher self and higher spiritual energies of the cosmos, you will suddenly be able to focus on the present. Your thoughts, anxieties, and the troubles of the day start to melt away.

You might even feel as though you are in a state of higher consciousness and pure tranquility. You may experience images, a gentle hum, or simple a feeling of positive vibrations that remove the stress and anxieties from your body.

5.    A Greater Sense of Your Connection to the World

Many people report, that after connecting with their higher self during mindfulness and meditation, that they are able to see the larger picture. That is, they are able to see their place in the world. They feel a greater sense of connection to the universe and are able to see their purpose of being.

This creates a great sense of harmony that gives direction, drive, and motivation to themselves. When this occurs, you will not only feel a greater sense of connection within yourself, but you will feel connected to nature, the world, and all the spirits and humans that inhabit the universe.

As you can see, the connecting with the higher self is what you need to realign your natural energy balance and to become a more happy, healthy, and motivated individual with a deep sense of purpose in the universe.

Please note: Hypnosis is not suitable for people who have epilepsy, Bi-Polar Disorder, Schizophrenia, or other severe psychiatric illness. Please do not participate if you have any of these illnesses.

Zoom Link Details will be sent to paid attendees shortly before the event so please check your email for the link.

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