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January 26th

7:30 - 9:30


Cost: $40.00


Each one of us has Angels that are assigned to us at our birth as well as a personal Team of Helping Spirits.  

These loving Divine beings of the light help us throughout our entire life, gently guiding us towards 

our soul’s purpose and helping us to live the most fulfilling life we can. 

During this 2-hour workshop you will:


- Learn and how we can work with the Angels and Helping Spirits and how they can assist us in our day to day lives.


- Learn how to connect with the Angels and Helping Spirits and cultivate a relationship with them so that you can receive clear, wise and loving guidance to help you with every area of your life.


- Personally connect with your them during a customized guided meditation and learn how to identify or sense their subtle energy calling card.

- Have a chance to ask Joann and her Helping Spirit Team questions to gain greater clarity.


Connecting with the Angels and the Helping Spirits is a wonderful opportunity which will help you cultivate

an ongoing relationship with these spiritual allies that support us on our life's path.  You are never, ever alone.

You are always guarded, guided, loved, blessed and protected by these loving and mighty guardians.

Never doubt this awesome truth.

No experience necessary for this group. If you have connected with your guides and want a stronger

communication, join us and deepen that connection and expand your spiritual awareness.

Please be sure to have a pen, notebook or journal available.

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