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Special Note: The Original date this program was scheduled to run was from Oct to Dec 22. The host had to reschedule it to Jan 2023 due to a family medical crisis. As a result, the first week of the class has already taken place in Oct 22 and the recording will be provided for new attendees to watch prior to start of the second class which begins on Monday Jan 9th.

The recorded class consists of theory, exercises and a guided meditation to meet your personal "Gate Keeper Helping Spirit / Angel". Not having attended class 1 live will NOT in any way impede you from reaping the benefits from the whole program. You will get the complete benefits of those that attended week 1 live via zoom. If you had to miss one class, this would be the class as all content is fully explained in the recording.

Due to the fact the first class is pre-recorded the program cost has been reduced to make up for it. The program normally cost $350.00 for all 8-Weeks, however, due to the first class being recorded rather than live, new signs up will be able to attend the remainder of the program at a discount, paying only $299.95 for remaining classes.

8-Week Program

ALL classes are on Monday Night

7:30 - 9:30 PM EST

Class Dates:

Class 1 - Recorded

Class 2 - Jan 9th

Class 3 - Jan 16th

Class 4 - Jan. 23rd

Class 5 - Jan 30th

Class 6 - Feb 6th

Class 7 - Feb. 13th

Class 8 - Feb 27th

Cost $299.95 + Tax 

A psychic medium’s ability to communicate with the Spirit world can seem like a mysterious gift that few possess - but the truth is that we all have this ability within us.

The most effective way to develop your intuitive, psychic, and mediumship abilities is by working with a small group under the guidance of an experienced medium.

It takes time and practice to learn how to communicate with Spirit. If you are interested in developing your intuitive, psychic and mediumship abilities this program will give you the necessary tools and opportunities for practice.


Facilitated by professional medium and spiritual mentor, Joann Homen this program has a limited class size ensuring personal attention is provided to all.


Over the 8 weeks you will: 

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the foundational elements of mediumship and psychic development including learning how to recognize and develop your “Clair” senses​.


  • Meet your own team of helping spirits and angels who have the highest intentions for your growth

  • Clear mental blocks and learn to trust your ability to communicate with spirit and interpret the information and messages you receive​

  • Learn the importance of and practice grounding and protecting your energy​

  • Learn to create boundaries with Spirit​

  • Learn how to identify colours, symbols, and feelings received from spirit to develop your own spiritual toolbox​

  • Practice, practice, practice! Working with the other students in the program, you will practice delivering readings and receiving validation that the information you receive and share is valid and meaningful

  • Take yourself out of your comfort zone and improve your abilities

  • Connect with a community of developing intuitive psychics and mediums where you will be supported and encouraged​

  •  This program is for anyone who has an open mind, is looking for a safe and supportive environment to develop their abilities 

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Mediumship & Psychic Development Program Testimonials

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“COSS’s Psychic Mediumship Development Bootcamp Program was an amazing and rewarding experience. Joann Homen is an excellent teacher and very professional.  Her lessons flowed; each class was well organized and very clear.


She introduced each class with a prayer honoring Spirit, followed by a comprehensive theory of a particular topic. Lesson topics included dealing with boundaries, learning how to trust and hear Spirit, learning how to recognize the difference between Ego and Spirit, and specific strategies to help access Spirit. After being introduced to the theory students were given the opportunity to practice what we had just learned; a perfect system for teaching new concepts.

Nothing ever felt rushed and she included a break in between theory and practice. As well, Joann was eternally patient with each of us and often stayed after class to answer pressing student questions. The value of this course far outweighs the cost. It’s given me the confidence I needed and I am excited to advance to the next level!”


– Tamara S.

“I highly recommend the 8-Week Mediumship and Psychic Development program by CFOS! Joann is a brilliant teacher and guide!! I was very impressed by the topics covered and guided exercises to provide a solid and thorough foundation for my mediumship and psychic development. The class handouts and homework were excellent; it strengthened my in class learning and expanded my knowledge even more. Joann and the CFOS team provide a very safe and supportive learning environment. This kind of program is essential for anyone interested in learning more about mediumship and enhancing your psychic and mediumship skills. It helped me a lot and was an awesome experience!!” – Penny A. 

“I have always been interested and curious about Spirit and throughout my life I have had hunches, intuition or random thoughts that would come into my head. In a weird twist, it was Covid (and Zoom) that landed me in the lap of CFOS and the 6-Week Mediumship and Psychic Development Program. First and foremost, Joann and the CFOS team were welcoming and friendly. Although going out of my comfort zone, I felt totally safe. I was actually pretty amazed at the organization and course content, but more importantly, the leading message was always one of kindness and respect. This course opened a whole new world of study for me and I am very excited and truly grateful. But then, you never know…. Spirit could have led me here.’ – Kim S. 


 “I have taken the 6-week online Mediumship and Psychic Development program and I am very happy about it. It has been an amazing and very reasonable priced course compared to many others I know of. It has been straight forward and the mediums have been very loving and patient with our skills and helping us improve. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is interested, whether you have experience or not.” – Farnoush S. 


“I really enjoyed the program and learned the basics of how to connect. I was given tools that will help me continue to develop. It’s left me wanting to learn more. Joann teaches in a professional way with a personal focus on everyone and endless patience. She pushes us to discover the abilities we already have.” – Rachel S. 


CFOS’s Medium and Psychic Development program, for me, was a worthwhile experience and time well spent. Breadth of coverage regarding Medium and Psychic Development program emphasized a combination of theory dealing with boundaries, protection and gratitude to the entities that responded to spiritual contacts and very practical aspects of learning how to make contact with the help of Spirit. The other emphasis was to have patience in knowing that it takes time to grasp to learn how to work with spirit. We learned how to trust what you get from the connection even though it is very new or odd at first. This program is delivered by very experienced and mature teachers.” – Doug G. 



“The 6-Week Mediumship and Psychic Development program helped give me the tools and confidence needed to give a clear and meaningful reading. The course provided me with a supportive environment where I felt included and heard. The team at CFOS was knowledgeable and diverse allowing great connections to form amongst the mentors and students. I highly recommend this program for any level of practitioner wishing to strengthen their connection with spirit and the esoteric. “  – Ashley M.



Before taking this course I had no experience with mediumship, just an interest that was fueled by a few experiences I’d had. Joann and her team were very good at delivering the course, answering our questions, ensuring we understood what we were doing and providing a warm, comfortable and safe environment to practice and explore our new found senses. I would highly recommend this course if you’ve felt drawn to explore this part of your spiritual side.  – Jen W

“This course provided participants a thorough overview of the Mediumship and Psychic field. The course was interactive, engaging and organized and participants were able to practice their mediumship skills on each other, through organized exercises.  The mediums involved were experienced, professional and willing to share their knowledge for those wanting to learn. – L. Collicutt

I took a course to sharpen my intuition and learn more about the spirit world, what I got was much more, I had the pleasure of connecting with a group of loving and wonderful people, I also learned about an old trauma that I didn't know existed because I forgot about it, as well as tool and technique to heal it and it worked.  I realized in our reality nothing is an accident or coincidence and we are always guided by our spirit team, so if you are here reading this and thinking of taking the course just close your eyes connect to your heart, you will see that you know the answer, enjoy the course much LOVE.

- Jamal Safavi

"I joined the 6-week Psychic Development and Mediumship program with no idea of what I was getting into. All I knew was that I wanted to develop my psychic skills, and my intuition told me that this would be the perfect opportunity to do that. 

What transpired in these 6 weeks was nothing short of a major transformation. The CFOS team's (Joann, Susan, Bonnie and Erma) strong and direct connection to Spirit helped each of us form our own. It was like a brightly lit candle lighting some brand new candles.

In 6 weeks, I had a new online family. A support group. A team who would encourage me weekly. A group of people who recognized the latent talent in all of us, and pushed us to tap into it. 

I am so glad I followed my intuition. Who knows, perhaps it was Spirit who brought CFOS into my life?  If you're considering joining the course, it would be a resounding yes from my side! It's genuine and worth every penny. You won't get a similar course for this price anywhere else!" – Shweta G.

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