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Thursday June 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, July 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th

7:30 - 9:00 PM ET

$250.00 + Tax

Workshop requires minimum 4 attendees.

Students completing 8-Week program 

receive a Certificate of


Tarot cards are a mystical tool used for prediction and problem solving. They are a means to connect with your subconscious awareness and ignite your intuitive abilities. Reading Tarot cards can help you and others with personal guidance, self discovery, decision making and more.

Ever wondered about Tarot cards?


Maybe you’ve picked up a deck and wished you could read for yourself or others?


Have you been considering Tarot card reading as a career?

Join professional medium, Tarot Card reader and Astrologer Ashley Miller as she shares her secrets for learning this mystical tool!

· Learn how to use your intuition to perform Tarot card readings for personal guidance or to help others

· Learn a simple method to interpret the cards’ symbolism

· Discover how Tarot cards can be used for divination, self discovery, and decision making

· Learn about all 78 major and minor arcana and court cards

· Understand how the cards relate to numerology and astrology

· Build confidence in your ability to read Tarot cards

· Develop ethics and boundaries when reading for others

· History and myths of Tarot cards, and more!

This program is for all levels, but specifically targeted to beginner and intermediate students. The program will also help experienced Tarot readers to learn to rely more on their intuition when reading the cards.

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· Rider-Waite Tarot card deck (can be purchased on Amazon)

· Notebook for journaling

Each class will include, learning, practice time and Q&A 

Week 1:

  • Introduction to Tarot

  • Working with the cards

  • Working with your intuition 

  • Tarot History

  • Tarot Myths


Week 2:


  • The Rider Waite Smith Deck Breakdown

  • The Major Arcana

  • Reading Court Cards

  • Tarot Exercises 

Week 3:

  • The Minor Arcana

  • Reading Court Cards

  • Tarot Exercises


Week 4:

  • The Elements in Tarot

  • Astrology in the Tarot

  • Making Connections

  • Tarot Exercises 

Week 5:

  • Tarot Numerology 

  • Reading Card Combinations

  • Tarot Spreads 

  • Tarot Exercises 

  • Boundaries & Ethics

Week 6:

  • Tarot Birth Cards

  • Tarot Colour Representations 

  • Practice Readings

Week 7:

  • Tarot Symbols

  • Types of Symbols 

  • Hidden Symbols

  • Practice Readings

Week 8:

  • Practice Readings

About Ashley Miller

Ashley is a card slinging intuitive with a passion for tarot, astrology, end-of-life care and mediumship. Using her clairvoyance and tarot she is able to offer insights and clarity so her clients can better navigate through times of uncertainty.

Ashley no outline 1 a.jpg

She was called to do this work because of her keen interest in human behavior and a passion for helping support people during challenging and difficult times.

Her objective is to teach people how to connect with tarot both practically and intuitively for guidance and mindfulness. You don’t need to be psychic to start reading tarot for yourself or others. 

Zoom Link Details will be sent to attendees shortly before the event so please check your email for the link.

To ensure that you receive the zoom link details please make sure you join our mailing list.

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