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Joann is the Founder of the Community of Spiritual Seekers

a.k.a. (C.O.S.S.) and she is the creator/ facilitator of many of the C.O.S.S. spiritual development classes and workshops. Joann is a gifted Psychic Medium who has been giving readings for decades and she is a Spiritual teacher who loves mentoring & teaching people how to work with spirit. She has co-authored a book titled "God Speaks - Memories from God" with her helping spirit team.

Joann is a gifted and experienced spiritual psychic medium who provides her clients with encouraging and inspiring guidance. Her aim is to help pinpoint blocks that may be holding them back from living life to their highest, unlimited potential.

Joann found out from spirit in 2021 that her first spiritual experience occurred when she was around the age of 3 years old not 13 as she previously thought. Spirit reminded her of an experience she had during an outing with her mother where they were visiting an old property that had been abandoned and had belonged to her great Aunt and great Uncle. Joann vividly remembered the walk up to the home with the over-gown wildflowers on either side of the path up to the house. Once her and her mother arrived at the abandoned farm house Joann remembers seeing an elderly lady sitting on the dilapidated porch in a rocking chair. She didn't think much of it at the time and didn't actually remember the old lady till spirit suggest she re-look at that experience, this is when she remembers seeing her great Aunt in the form of a ghost. 


Her next experience, again remembered through spirit prompting her to re-look at the experience happened with she was in early grade school. The first time she experienced sensing spirit in the old school in Lindsay happened in the schools basement. The basement had classes in it to the left when you walked down the stairs and a tiny gym area to the right of the stairs. She felt "watched" and like someone was there but she couldn't see anyone. She felt something was off and she didn't like to go into the basement area of the school alone so she avoided it as much as she could. 


At a later time in the same school Joann vividly remembers walking up the old wooden steps to go to another class and seeing a young boy around her age standing at the top of the stairs watching everyone go through the large doors to get to their next class.  She remembers the little boy was dressed quite differently then everyone and he appeared sort of translucent and shimmery, she didn't really pay much attention because she was heading to class.  


Joann originally thought her first interaction with Spirit occurred when she was attending an Evangelist service with a close family friend around the age of 13.


She was not use to attending religious services so when the audience was directed to stand up at one point in the service she did not understand why, she simply followed the crowd and stood up too. It was in that moment that she experienced what she understood to be "God".


During this experience she felt her body literally with an extremely loving energy and felt embraced in the light and energy. While completely engulfed in the beautiful energy she thought "If this is what religion is all about I'm all for it". This started her search for spiritual understanding and set the foundation for her spiritual journey.

Searching for answers Joann found a small group of women called the Tri-ethereal Group. This group worked with the spiritual realm and one of the three women was a trance channel. They often held circles and received guidance from spirit. This is also where she received experience of working with spirits that had not moved onto the light. This was exciting work to help individuals dealing with active spirits in their homes. The group was called to help discern what was happening at the homes and after doing so helped the spirits cross (spirit rescue) over to the light. This was very rewarding work because it helped the families that were dealing with the spirits and helped the spirits finally move on and no longer be trapped on our plane.  

Years later spirit lead Joann to the Britten Memorial Spiritual Church and this is where she began official training as a medium. Over the next years she took various spiritual development classes and educational classes on Spiritualism.


While working with spirit Joann had begun to write of the messages she was receiving from spirit and eventually as her confidence grew she began sharing these writings with the church's congregation and not just her classmates. She delivered these messages from spirit as a lecturer for the church and was a student medium as well. Eventually she served on the board for the church before spirit lead her to the next leg of her spiritual journey.

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While working with spirit Joann started to write down the messages she was receiving from spirit and eventually as her confidence grew she began sharing these writings with the church's congregation and not just her classmates.


She delivered these messages from spirit as a lecturer for the church and was a student medium as well. Eventually she served on the board for the church before spirit lead her to the next leg of her spiritual journey.

Upon spirit's suggestion Joann branched into teaching others spiritual development classes and how to communicate with the Angels and the spiritual realm.


During this same period of time she was asked by spirit to write a book. She had already been writing with spirit for a long time so she happily agreed not knowing what she would be writing.


Working with spirit Joann transcribed the book "God Speaks - Memoirs for God". Although the book has not been published as of yet, spirit is moving her in that direction and she is currently exploring how to get the book published.


Joann is looking forward to sharing the words wisdom from spirit with others.

With confidence growing she began to give other's private readings upon spirit's encouragement. Working with spirit in this way is extremely rewarding and being able to help others with various aspects of their life is a wonderful experience. A private reading is a longer version of a message you might receive while attending one of our Free spiritual evenings hosted by either the Community of Spiritual Seekers and the Canadian Fellowship of 

Spiritualists. The big difference is that the person getting the reading gets a longer, more in-depth reading but the source of the reading is the same. The source being a spiritual being such as a  loved ones that has crossed over, and ascended masters, Angels and even our own personal helping spirit team, or the message could come from a mix of any of them.   

Joann has also studied various healing modalities such E.F.T, Chakra Healing, IET, Spiritualist healing instruction with Britten Memorial Church, and several levels of Quantum Touch modality and she is a Reiki Master. Although she knows her main calling is not to be an energy healer these classes have helped strengthen her bond with spirit.

Continuing her search for spiritual knowledge Joann found the Church of Universal Love. She has taken various courses with them and has served as a medium giving messages to others during various events and has also served as a director on their board until July 2018.


After leaving COUL, Spirit encouraged and guided Joann to create the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists (C.F.O.S.). Not only is Joann is one of C.F.O.S.'s founders but she is also the president of the Fellowship.  C.F.O.S is a heart-centered spiritual community that is dedicated to empowering personal transformation and growth. Joann seeks to help like-minded spiritual seekers that are looking to explore and experience their connection to the Divine.


Joann is very much invested in C.F.O.S. and she is their lead medium and facilitator and has developed most of the programs and special events they offer. Her focus is to assist you in your spiritual grown through education, healing and spirit communication.

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Enlightenment for Your Soul

Community of Spiritual Seekers

In 2021 Joann was encouraged to create a spiritual oasis for others called the Community of Spiritual Seekers. Although this spiritual organization is in it's infancy, Joann is utilizing all the knowledge she has gained as a founder and the president of the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualist, ensuring the creation of a loving place for like-minded spiritual seekers to come together in a celebration of their spiritual journey.  

Joann has been working with spirit for 40+ years and she also helps people through private spiritual readings, spiritual mentoring/life coaching and she assists people that are dealing with spiritual energies and influences that need to be removed. She offers spirit rescue, haunting, and property clearing services. 

Joann loves helping people and being of service to spirit in whatever capacity that looks like and


Joann is over-joyed to be called upon by spirit to help people uncover their spiritual destiny and growth both spiritually and personally through the works she does with spirit. She loves helping people in whatever capacity that looks like and feels blessed for the opportunity to assist humanity.

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Joann Homen Services

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