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Helping others find their way!

Helping others find their way!

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When you need support...

...do you seek out friends and relatives but no one offers the nurturing and guidance you most need?

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Ready for transformation...

...and need somewhere to facilitate growth, learning, and development, personally, professionally and spiritually.

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Are you stuck in a pattern...

...it feels like you're in the same relationship, career and life pattern and it's not working for you.

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You know what you need to do...

...but don't know how to make the leap from where you are now to where you want to be.

At JoannHomen.com our goal is to support and guide you towards spiritual understanding and awakening as you:


- discover your intuitive gifts while building confidence in your abilities.

- realize and fulfill your life purpose and as you grow into your mission as a lightworker.


- learn to raise your vibration, access higher dimensions of energy and channel love, light and healing for the benefit of yourself and others. 

- share your inspiration and wisdom in an ethical, honest way with integrity.


- forge a stronger connection with your helping spirit team of angels and guides so that spiritual communication is easy and effortless.

​We often seek support and guidance when we're navigating a period of transition, a time of significant change, when doing it alone doesn’t feel right. 

Joann’s goal is to help you understand who you truly are spiritually, mentally, and emotionally and you will be guided to live as an intuitive being. This support and guidance can occur via the many different workshops, spiritual development programs, continuing advanced spiritual development classes, or even through individual mentorship.

Intuition and spirituality have been an integral part of Joann's life and she embraces spiritual knowledge and intuitive awareness. Her understanding and connection with her helping spirit team allows her to help you step out of your comfort zone and take the important step forward toward achieving spiritual enlightenment and growth.  


You will be guided to move at your own pace towards the path of your spiritual discovery and awakening as Joann works with both yours and her personal Angel and helping spirit team. This highly devoted and specialized spiritual team assists her to help you and they guide the flow and offer the insights needed for your personal growth.

Joann will be there for you during changes in relationships, career, and home. When intuitive and spiritual gifts emerge, new business opportunities arise, and new pathways are on the horizon. Joann can help reveal the underlying vibration and energy of everything in your life, sharing insights on how to move through it and how to grow from it.

​Joann’s main goal is to help facilitate your growth, learning, and development, spiritually, personally, and professionally however that might look for you.

She will help you gain a deeper truth and understanding of your soul and your life’s mission while encouraging your spiritual growth. As a cheerleader you will be encouraged every step of the way as you explore your spiritual destiny.

With decades of experience working with spirit, she teaches from a place of compassion. She believes in you and knows that you have the ability to connect and work with spirit and she is looking forward to helping you as you discover and develop your own spiritual gifts and she will encourage you to be all that you can be and more.

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Operating in the capacity as a spiritual teacher / mentor Joann will support you during times of transition and her purpose is to support your growth, nurture your strengths and spiritual abilities, offer guidance as your awareness expands, and help you reach up as high as you can towards the light embracing the beauty of your true self as you are encouraged to spread your wings and fly and she looks forward to being the wind beneath your wings.

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The connection between COSS and: 


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