CFOS has rebranded will now operate as the Community of Spiritual Seekers (COSS).  



Welcome message from Joann Homen, founder of the Community of Spiritual Seekers

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We would like to extend a warm welcome to you for arriving at our site. It doesn't matter

how you found your way here but we are sure the universe had a hand in guiding you.

You will find many workshops and services within these pages that can provide you with opportunities to develop your own unique spiritual gifts and help you gain a deeper understanding and connection

with the spiritual realm. We believe our spiritual gifts enhance our lives in an uplifting and positive way.

If you are interested in a spiritual reading to help you find clarity in your life, or if you have questions you would like answered, a spiritual reading will help you explore both. Readings can also help you pinpoint blocks in your life that may be holding you back from living a life of your highest, unlimited potential. 


The helping spirits are always happy to assist you, and provide answers to your questions to help

prepare you for whatever lies ahead. Their goal is to help you become the person you are

meant to be while assisting you to reclaim a peacefulness and calmness in your life.

It is our sincere hope you find enlightenment within these pages that

will help you on the next leg of your spiritual journey.


Upcoming Classes & Events

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Learn to Read Tarot Cards

4-Week Program

Saturday Jan 22nd, 29th and Feb. 5th and 12th

1:00 - 3:00 PM ET

Tarot cards are a mystical tool used for prediction and problem solving. They are a means to connect with your subconscious awareness and ignite your intuitive abilities. Reading Tarot cards can help you and others with personal guidance, self discovery, decision making and more.

Ever wondered about Tarot cards?


Maybe you’ve picked up a deck and wished you could read for yourself or others?


Have you been considering Tarot card reading as a career?

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Meet Your Helping Spirit Team

Wed. January 26th  
7:30 - 9:30 PM ET

Each one of us has Angels that are assigned to us at our birth as well as a personal Team of Helping Spirits. These loving Divine beings of the light help us throughout our entire life, gently guiding us towards our soul’s purpose and helping us to live the most fulfilling life we can. 

Connecting with the Angels and the Helping Spirits is a wonderful opportunity which will help you cultivate an ongoing relationship with these spiritual allies that support us on our life's path.  You are never, ever alone. You are always guarded, guided, loved, blessed and protected by these loving and mighty guardians.

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4 Spots 


Mediumship/Psychic Development Bootcamp

(8-Week Program)

Starting January 31st, 2022

7:30 - 9:30 PM ET

It takes time and practice to learn how to communicate with Spirit. If you are interested in developing your intuitive, psychic and mediumship abilities this program will give you the necessary tools and opportunities for practice.

The most effective way to develop your intuitive, psychic, and mediumship abilities is by working with a small group under the guidance of an experienced medium.


This program will help you develop a deeper understanding of the foundational elements of mediumship and psychic development.

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 Showcase of the Psychic Fair Readers

Wed. February 2nd 

7:30 - 9:00 PM ET

The Feb 19th Psychic Fair Readers will be showcasing their talents tonight by giving mini-readings to some of tonight's attendees. They may even bring forth messages from our loved ones on the other side providing proof of the continuation of life. 

This is a great way to see their reading style before deciding on who to book with during the Psychic Fair. You don't want to miss this event!

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Cutting Energetic Cords of Attachment

Wed. February 9th 
7:30 - 9:30 PM ET

Are unhealthy cords of attachment keeping you held in a negative pattern of behaviour and destructive cycles of victimhood? 

This workshop is a  great way to disconnect from limiting patterns and move forward with your life. Cutting cords of attachment is a form of spiritual healing which causes very distinct changes in your life. The changes can be noticed on many levels, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical.

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Monthly Tarot Development Classes

Saturday February 12th 


4:00 - 6:00 PM ET 

Join other tarot enthusiasts for two hours of practice readings and tarot tips.  


Gain confidence in a supportive setting.  


In addition to tarot exercises, you’ll exchange readings with classmates.

Tarot Development Classes are suitable for all levels, but are specifically targeted to beginner and intermediate students.


These monthly classes will also help experienced Tarot readers to learn to rely more on their intuition when reading the cards.

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Messages from Spirit by Developing Mediums

Wed. February 16th  
7:30 - 9:00 PM ET

We are supremely proud to be the heart of a vibrant community of hard-working developing psychic medium students. Their determination and enthusiasm never cease to impress us and there is nothing better than seeing our graduates applying what they have learned during the 8-Week Psychic & Mediumship Development program and learning how to trust working with spirit.

Tonight, they will be stepping out of their “Comfort Zone” and giving messages from spirit to the attendees of tonight's gathering.

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Psychic Fair

Sat. February 19th  
1:00 - 4:00 PM ET

You don’t want to miss out on this great opportunity to book a 20-minute private, online, reading with a trusted and experienced psychic medium.

A spiritual / psychic reading will give you powerful insight to assist you with current concerns. Whether you’re going through a difficult time in your relationship or you’re considering a job change, or you’re hoping to move to a new house.


A psychic reading will help bring you closer to the answers you are seeking and help make your life easier.

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Astrology Workshop with Mini-Reading

Wed. February 23rd  
7:30 - 9:30 PM ET

The first part of this evening attendees will learn about the three major astrology placements (Sun, Moon & Rising) in their chart.

During the second part of the evening, each participant will receive a mini-astrology reading with Star Watcher and Astrologer Ashley Miller.

Specialty Spiritual Services

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Spirit Rescue / Home Clearing

 & Haunting Services

Community of Spiritual Seekers
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You will find many workshops and services that can provide you with opportunities to develop your own unique spiritual gifts and help you gain a deeper understanding and connection with the spiritual realm. We know first-hand how our spiritual gifts can enhance our lives in an uplifting and positive way, and we look forward to helping you on the next leg of your spiritual journey.

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