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Community of Spiritual Seekers History

June 2021

The Community of Spiritual Seekers a.k.a. C.O.S.S. was created in June 2021 as an offshoot spiritual organization of the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists.

The Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists (CFOS) was founded in 2018 with the intention of promoting awareness of the Spiritualist religion and its principles, empowering personal transformation and growth, while helping those seeking to explore and experience their connection to the Divine though education, healing, and spirit communication. 


In March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic changed how CFOS operated forcing it to end in-person events. The CFOS board of directors quickly adapted to a new normal by moving all services onto Zoom and reaching people via the internet. We were delighted that we were able to reach more people, from all over the world and we watched our Spiritualist organization grow at an unprecedented speed. 


With this growth we quickly realized the people attending our events and programs were more interested in spiritual education and personal growth and had less interest in the religious component. As a result, we stopped holding our Sunday Spiritualist religious service opting instead to offer educational spiritual programs and events. 


As not-for-profit organization and since we had transitioned away from the religious aspect of the organization, the CFOS board of directors decided to rebrand and convert CFOS into a spiritual educational and teaching organization and community.

The result of this decision is the "Community of Spiritual Seekers" (aka COSS). The Community of Spiritual Seekers will continue to help like-minded spiritual seekers explore and uncover their spiritual destiny while empowering personal transformation and growth through diverse spiritual development programs, classes and workshops.


The Community of Spiritual Seekers is here to help you!

July 2021

The Community of Spiritual Seekers holds it's first event /gathering as C.O.S.S.

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