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You May Participate In This Page By:

Submitting names of people and/or animals in need

of (anonymous)

Distance Healing Request.


Sending your prayers of love and healing to the

names in this Distance Healing Page.​

Sitting quietly with this Distance Healing Page open, and asking the God

of your understanding and Spirit to infuse it with Loving Healing energy.

Meditating on the peaceful image below - which will also enhance

the energy of the page, and those mentioned in it.

Full names will not be disclosed on the page. First names only will

be used, or initials or nicknames, if you prefer. The healing will

always go to the intended recipient.

When you enter this Spiritual Healing Page you will find a peaceful image,

and below it a Healing Prayer. By reading the prayer, either aloud or silently,

you are contributing to the healing energy being sent to

those named below the prayer.

This page is designed to act as a focus for Healing energies. Your

intention of requesting/creating Healing energy will connect with the intentions

of others who have the same focus, thus creating a beautiful peaceful energy

for anyone who opens the page.

Healing Prayer


I ask the great unseen healing force to remove all obstructions

from my mind and body and to restore me to perfect health.

I ask this in all sincerity and honest,

and I will do my part.

I ask this great unseen healing force to help both present and

absent ones who are in need of help and to restore

them to perfect health.

I put my trust in the love

and power of God.

We ask on behalf of:


Bob H.

Harriet G.

Catherine G. and

Related family members

Mohsin Ali Alvi 


Kerrie H.

Sean K.




N. Crawford


Ellen W.


Eliane J.



Shirley & Steven


E. M

G. V




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