The first part of this evening is a Guided Meditation.

The second part of the evening will be Messages from Spirit.

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People struggling with chronic pain or other medical conditions can use healing meditations to feel better in mind, body, and spirit. Some people report dramatic results from healing meditations, while others simply appreciate the reduction in stress that comes from sitting quietly and focusing the mind. Healing meditations often incorporate visualization techniques.

These divinely crafted Guided Healing Meditations are a collection of angelic and helping spirit words that allow you to self-heal, self-love, and manifest your greatest desires. Allow the power of spiritual guidance and positive affirmations to clear blockages and replenish your energy, enabling you to realign with who you are, and what you are destined to achieve in this life. Calm your mind and soothe your troubles as your gift yourself this time – you deserve it.

A guided spiritual healing meditation is a great way to release the stress that accumulates in the mind and the tensions that build up in the body. One of the reasons that guided healing meditations are particularly effective is that you can just relax and enjoy the experience of the meditation. The only thing you have to do is try to stay focused.

While meditation hasn't been proven to cure specific ailments, many people report that it can be helpful when used alongside more conventional treatments. Meditation can help reduce anxiety, for one thing, which can potentially cause positive changes in your body.

It's important to be open to the process and have faith that it will help, a guided healing meditation can transform the mind; mind can transform the body!

Messages from Spirit


During the second half of the evening

our mediums provide proof of continuation of life from our loved

ones on the other side.


Our loved ones, ancestors, angels,

guides and our helping spirit team

love to help us however they can and

that help often comes in the form of profoundly uplifting guidance and support communicated via a medium.


This insight and enlightenment is intended to make our lives a little

bit easier and to encourage us to

become the best version of

ourselves that we can.

To be eligible for a reading you will need to join the meeting on time. When you join you will be issued a number

(via zoom's chat feature). The numbers are randomly drawn and the C.O.S.S. medium/s will give a message from spirit to the number drawn. 

Once the meeting formally begins we will not be able to assign any more numbers.

At the end of each gathering attendees have the opportunity to ask the medium and COSS Team spiritually based questions.

Although this is a free event we encourage donations at: 

Zoom Link Details will be sent to attendees shortly before the event so please check your email for the link.

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