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December 1st

7:30 - 9:30 PM ET

Although this is a FREE event we welcome donations

Experiencing gratitude in our daily lives can have a profound effect on our happiness, health and general well being. Having a “gratitude attitude” means making a conscious decision to feel and express thankfulness and appreciation in every area of your life. By practicing this, you operate from a place of abundance, rather than lack.  

Research has now shown that intentionally practicing gratitude results in significant benefits, including: 

  • improving our mood 

  • increasing our self esteem, positivity and motivation 

  • experiencing more joy and pleasure 

  • improving our quality of sleep 

  • reducing depression and fatigue 

  • feeling less isolated and lonely 

  • improving relationships 

  • reducing blood pressure 

  • raising our energetic vibration 

  • becoming more helpful and generous 

  • strengthening our spiritual connection, and more! 

Join inspirational speaker and medium Susan Kronick for a thought-provoking evening as she shares her personal experience, discusses insightful information on the benefits of gratitude and shares simple yet effective tools to develop and strengthen your “gratitude attitude”.  


Following the presentation, Susan will guide you through a powerful meditation focused on experiencing gratitude and love. 


A question-and-answer period will then follow. 


Join us and learn how to develop your “gratitude attitude”! 

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Zoom Link Details will be sent to attendees shortly before the event so please check your email for the link.


Although this is a FREE event we welcome donations