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Working hand-in-hand with spirit Joann transcribed the book "God Speaks - Memoirs for God". Although she has not yet published the book, spirit is moving her in that direction and is looking forward to sharing the words of wisdom with others. Joann is currently exploring how to get the book published and it will soon be available.

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In this revolutionary book God speaks to us at a historically crucial time in human history. God comes forth with insightful answers to challenging questions that up until now humanity has been unable to agree upon. Revelations about Heaven, Hell, Life, Death, Prayer, Good Deeds, Judging Others, Love and whether Satan exists.

By referencing the teachings of the ancient Holy texts God reveals the commonality found in all faiths. God integrates the ancient writings and His present-day
words of wisdom together, thus paving the way for mankind to evolve into a society that respects and tolerates others’ religious beliefs while having the freedom to be true to their own.

The result is a paradigm humanity can embrace and in which the living faiths of the world can co-exist with acceptance of one another. Imagine a world filled with tolerance, respect and love, a world where mankind can finally enjoy peace on earth as it is in Heaven.

In this Life Changing, Inspiration Book you will:

Develop a Closer Relationship with God

Open Doors to a New Spiritual Understanding

Comprehend the Commonality of the Worlds living faiths

Establish Spiritual Balance & Richness in Your Life

Achieve Great Inner Peace

“Everyone one of us is having a conversation with God all of the time, but not every one of us listens carefully, or understand clearly. Joann Homen does; moreover she has chosen to pass this gift on to us. The result is this book –
a treasure for the soul..”

Neale Donald Walsh - Author of “Conversations with God.”

“Every so often a book comes along that has a profound impact on humanity. This is such a book. An inspiring, compelling, spiritual text that will help guide humanity to a global unity grounded in God rather than personal religious differences.”

Gary Quinn - Author of “May the Angels be with You” and “Living in the Spiritual Zone.”

More Coming Soon!

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