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Gift certificates do not expire!

Joann Gift Cert short 1 a.jpg

Looking for a unique gift for friends and loved ones? Why not treat someone to that perfect personal gift with a Gift Certificate from the Community of Spiritual Seekers or

Gift certificates can be purchased in $50, $75, $100 or any amount you like.


Gift Certificates can be redeemed towards a reading, specialty service, workshop, class or informational talk which will be held through the year by either the Community of Spiritual Seekers or

The Community of Spiritual Seekers must be notified via email in advance to the service you would like to redeem the gift certificate at:

The Community of Spiritual Seekers will ensure the amount of the certificate is credited to the selected service. If the service costs more then certificate the additional cost would have to be paid before attending event. 


The entire value of a gift certificate must be spent at one time as we do not give credits for partially used amounts. Purchasing smaller denomination of certificates would help to avoid this or the purchaser can prepay the entire cost of any class or event in full via a gift certificate too.

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