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Erma MacDonald Services

Intuitive Psychic Readings

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Intuitive Pet


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Spiritual Intuitive  Readings

Erma MacDonald Psychic Readings

If you have attended an Intuitive Spiritual Reading before, then you know what a wonderful experience it is. However, if this is a new concept for you, then you are in for a treat! A psychic / medium will not be able to map out your entire life for you, but they will receive information that can benefit you in several ways. The uncertainty of the future can leave an impact on a human’s emotional and mental health. And that’s where a psychic medium comes to the rescue. 


Through the centuries, people have confided in psychic / mediums to either connect with the deceased or to tap into their future and tell them what they may expect. Psychic readings are well-known and even today, many people are turning more and more to trusted psychic mediums for guidance and spiritual fulfillment. 

Intuitive Spiritual Readings (a.k.a Psychic readings), in layman’s terms is when a psychic / medium uses their spiritual psychic abilities / gifts to see things in your past, present or future. This does not mean that the psychic / medium will  know everything about your life, however when the psychic / medium taps into your energy they are able to get valuable insight for you that will benefit your life.


Intuitive Spiritual Readings are ideal if you have questions about your past, present and future. If you are feeling drained, blocked or just stuck. Intuitive Spiritual Readings can give new perspectives, and re-frame painful issues to create healthier and more productive thinking. They can pinpoint problems and offer solutions. Readings may also suggest new activities, new healing modalities and new priorities to create better health, both physically and emotionally.

Benefits of having an Intuitive Spiritual Reading

Readings Provide a Spiritual Overview of your life & direction

Sometimes people can become overwhelmed by all the decisions they need to make in their life and they can feel stuck because they literally have to many choices to select from. Whenever you are uncertain of the future having an 

Intuitive Spiritual Reading can help you receive a overview of your life and decide on the best direction to follow.


Experienced and trusted psychic / mediums can give you a sneak peek into the future, which enables you to make tough decisions that can positively impact your future. Psychic / mediums have the ability to reveal glimpses into the future enabling you to know what might happen in several months or years ahead. Through a reading, you might get more information about the future and understand your life direction which can lead you to take big steps towards achieving it.

Redirects your path

An Intuitive Spiritual Reading can also give you a new perspective, especially if you have no solution to your problems and are struggling to find the best way forward. Intuitive Spiritual Readings allow you see the different sides of a problem and offer you new perspectives, insights, clarity and solutions. 

Understand your life on a deeper level

An Intuitive Spiritual Reading cab give you a better understanding of the current dynamics in your life. With insight about your future, you are able to see the possibilities for your future, determine what you need to fix, and the best way to fix the situations with more clarity. Once you find out that there’s a solution, this will motivate you to develop a positive mindset to change your current circumstances for a brighter future.

Validation of a decision

A psychic / medium can help you explore your choices and settle on the best decision for you, especially if you are having difficulties deciding on one. They are able to do this because they are able to assess the choices available to you associated with career, relationships, family and so much more when they tune into your energy and connect with the spiritual realm and helping spirits.

There’s so much to learn from psychic readings. A reading from a talented and legit psychic is worth investing in. Whether you’re trying to find the right direction or are at crossroads, the reading can give you the answers that you need.

Help find life purpose

Intuitive Spiritual Readings can help you find the life purpose and can show your the next steps you need to take in your life to achieve your life purpose. This is especially helpful when you are feeling stuck and confused on what to do net. Intuitive Spiritual Readings will help get you motivated and help you to find purpose in your life which will further help you to deal with every kind of situation.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind is critical for a happy and productive life. When we have a massive cloud of uncertainly hanging over our head this causes us undue stress and suffering. An Intuitive Spiritual Reading will help bring clarity in your life which will allow you to move beyond your worries and stresses thus allowing you to regain a sense of peacefulness in your life. 

If you are perplexed about making major decisions in your life, feel stuck or feel stressed an Intuitive Spiritual Reading will help bring you clarity around the various situations that are going on in your life. 



 by Erma MacDonald

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Erma MacDonald Pet Reading

All animals (living or deceased) can be communicated with and that includes your beloved pet or companion animal!


If you want to know how your pet is feeling, thinking or need to communicate big life changes such as a move, a break up, a vacation or a difficult unresolved situation, a pet reading is a great way to minimize the stress for your animal and allow you to focus on what you need to do. It can also help you understand why your pet is behaving in a certain way, ask questions about their health and wellbeing, or simply find out what your pet wants to say on a particular subject.


Cats, dogs, birds, horses, snakes, fish…it doesn’t matter what type of pet you have. Any animal is capable of sending thoughts to communicate back to you and put your mind at ease.


Pet Readings are particularly useful if you are concerned about your pet and wish to hear their own perspective on an issue – and as we all know, our friends in the animal kingdom certainly have personalities of their own which are able to communicate very clearly what it is they want to say.

If you ever want to know how your pet is feeling, thinking or need to communicate big life changes such as a move, a break up, a vacation or a difficult unresolved situation, a pet reading is a great way to minimize the stress for you animal and allow you to focus on what you need to do.

Animals are much happier if they are told of difficult family situations. They tend to get stressed when we get stressed. Dogs, cats, horses, birds, reptiles or any domesticated species will want to help.

Pets appreciate the acknowledgment and information and always have a lot to say about your choices. It is an easy way to begin to hear what you pet has to say and usually opens the door to real communication with your furry friend.

​Your pets are unique individuals. They sometimes have needs, wants and issues at home that need to be communicated. If not, some of the situations quickly become very stressful for your animal. These needs and wants can be quickly communicated and appropriate words and actions can bring a measure of peace to your pet.


A Pet Reading gives you the chance to find out more about why your pet is behaving in a certain way, to ask any questions you have about their health and wellbeing, or to simply find out what your pet wants to say on a particular subject. Cats, dogs, birds, horses, snakes, fish…it doesn’t matter what type of pet you have. Any animal is capable of sending thoughts to communicate back to you and put your mind at ease.

During an animal communication session Erma will engage in a variety of techniques that allow her to tune in with your pet, including internal imagery, body sensations and emotions. Erma will use whatever method allows her to communicate the best with your pet and that varies from pet to pet and situation to situation.

Because the communication with your pet is done telepathically, it can be done from any distance and your pet does not have to be physically present at the time of your reading.


This is a great opportunity to book a pet reading with Erma MacDonald (from the comfort of your home).

Erma Testimonials
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I did not know what a pet intuitive reading was so did not know what to expect from Erma but she was amazing!! Not only did she read from a passed dog, she also read for a dog we were thinking of adopting. She provided both a written and verbal reading that was insightful and impactful. She provided perspective, clarity and information that enhanced the quality of our decisions and relationship with our dog. You will love the enlightening message you receive from Erma.

~Shyrin H.



“ I sought out Erma’s help when I had to make a big decision regarding my dog of 15 years. I was starting a new life, moving thousands of miles away where our lifestyle would be very different. I thought it best to try to find Isabelle a home in the neighborhood she’d lived her entire life, with a loving family.

When Erma communicated with Isabelle, she was told that she wanted to come with me, she understood life would be different and that she probably wouldn’t live as long. So I followed her wishes. She adjusted well, enjoyed the new environment/ experiences and got to live the last 6 months of her life with her favourite person.

Erma’s gift, gave me the gift of peace of mind that I’d done what my dog wanted and she’d been with the person she needed to be with, to be as happy as possible at the end of her life.

I can’t express how grateful I am. Thank you, Erma






"Erma has the uncanny ability to step into the lives of our furry family members. I have a huge furry family and have received tremendous help in helping them with many situations. Erma has helped me with furry family dynamics, aches and pains, even past life information! The connection we have with our furry families are so special, if you want to deepen your connection with them, find answers and create an open line of communication between you and them. Erma can help open that line. "

~Karen M.


"Erma is a trusted animal communicator. Her kindness and gentleness allow her to effortlessly communicate with animals of all kinds by building a telepathic bond with their minds. She helped me understand what my kitten was thinking when I recently adopted her and I was elated to learn that my pet was happy in her new home. If you worry about your pet, I highly recommend relying on Erma's special gifts to bring clarity and peace of mind. Thank you for the healing work you do, Erma!"

~Shweta G. (Pet Reading)


I'm so glad that you feel blessed with the best clients coming to you. I still remember my first blind reading from you in 2020. My grandfather stepped forth and the message he had for me is something I still cherish today. Thank you so much for being a channel. I cried tears of joy that April in 2020.

~Shweta G. (Intuitive Reading)

By working with the Community of Spiritual and /or their practitioners, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand C.O.S.S's Disclaimers, and that you take full responsibility for your own transformation, healing, well-being, decisions and actions.

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The Community of Spiritual Seekers (C.O.S.S.) will contact you via email (Within 48 hours, or 2 business days - not including holidays or weekends) of receiving your purchase notification.


The Community of Spiritual Seekers will provide a list of dates and times that your selected reader has available for a session. You will be sent the zoom link for your session after you have selected a mutually agreeable date & time for your reading the reader of your choice. 

Special Consideration:


Please ensure that we have your current email address that you use everyday when you make your purchase.


PayPal "ONLY" provides C.O.S.S. with the email address you have listed on your PayPal account, and we do NOT get additional email contact details for you. As a result we will only be able to send your purchase login details to the address PayPal sends us.  If this address is an email address that you seldom / if ever check, you will miss the event login details that we send you 24 hours prior to the event. 

After we send the login details for your purchase the onus is on you to check your emails. Unfortunately some people have missed these emails because they don't think to check their dedicated "PayPal" email. To avoid this happening to you we ask that you provide C.O.S.S. with an alternative email address (one you check on a regular basis) and please inform us of the product purchased so we can make sure that you get the zoom details at your correct email address.

If you have additional questions please contact us.

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