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Joann Homen

Joann is the Founder of the Community of Spiritual Seekers a.k.a. (C.O.S.S.) and she is the creator/ facilitator of many of the C.O.S.S. spiritual development classes and workshops.


Joann is a gifted Psychic Medium who has been giving readings for decades and she is a Spiritual teacher who loves mentoring & teaching people how to work with spirit.


Joann has co-authored a book titled "God Speaks - Memories from God" with her helping spirit team.

Joann Info
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Irakli Zubiashvili

Irakli has been working with COSS for the past couple years but he has been on his spiritual path way longer than that. He  had his first experience with spirit when he was three years old and he always had a feeling or a "knowing" that there was something more to life than what he could see, feel, taste, touch or hear and he has always been drawn to the stars.


Irakli is a spiritual soul healer and his superhuman power is to inspire people and help them heal. He loves assisting other people in discovering their own spiritual destiny and superhuman power and he knows that part of his mission this lifetime is to share spiritual knowledge that he has learned over the past 3 decades and to help others who are looking to grow spiritually and heal from past hurts and traumas.


Irakli is Joann's right-hand and he helps her with many workshops, classes and events and is always there to help others.

Blog Contributors

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Ashley Miller

Ashley works closely with the Community of Spiritual Seekers and has created some interesting and unique programs that have been well received and writes articles for the COSS Blog. Ashley also participates in the COSS psychic fair, Spirit Chat events and is available for various spiritual services such as psychic, astrology readings and Reiki healing sessions.


Ashley is a card slinging intuitive with a passion for tarot, astrology, end-of-life care and mediumship. Using her clairvoyance and tarot she is able to offer insights and clarity so her clients can better navigate through times of uncertainty.

Ashley wants to help people heal themselves on a soul level and she works with a variety of different modalities and divination & intuitive techniques to help guide people during difficult transitions and life challenges.

By utilizing her astrology, reiki, tarot and mediumship skills, Ashley is able to deliver messages and guidance from loved ones and spirit guides on the other side. ​

Ashley's skills have been developed over years of experiences, mentorship, training and certification courses and some of her education and studies include mediumship, tarot, astrology, Akashic records, remote viewing, psychic development, contemplative care, reiki, dream analysis, aura readings and past life regression.


Ashley was called to do this work because of her keen interest in human behavior and a passion for helping support people during challenging and difficult times.

Ashley Millr

Tamara Sophia

Tamara is one of the Community of Spiritual Seekers Blog contributors. Tamara is one of the readers that gives messages at some of the COSS message evenings and she is our main Astrology Article writer on the COSS BLOG page. 


Tamara Sophia is an accomplished Astrologer, Teacher and Writer with over 30 years experience and holds certification from the Canadian Association of Astrological Education (C.A.A.E.)  along with a Master’s degree in Education (M.Ed). As well, Tamara has lectured at conferences in both Canada and the United States. 

At present, Tamara is a consulting astrologer. Her main area of expertise is the practice of predictive astrology through both modern and classical techniques.

She has co-authored and edited a book about Astrology and Tarot in Ibiza, Spain, published in 2016, entitled “Ibiza Tarot Soleil.” She has been published in both Canada and Spain, in magazines such as SPACE, White-Ibiza and Essential Ibiza.

Tamara bio

COSS Readers

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Rev. Sheila Scott

Rev. Sheila Scott has been working with the Community of Spiritual Seekers a.k.a. C.O.S.S. for the several years and we absolutely love working with her.


A Near Death Experience (NDE) at age 3 activated her psychic abilities and she has been intuitive and sensitive all her life. She has been providing Spiritual and Clairvoyant counseling for over 28 years.

Rev. Sheila has developed and teaches various workshops for C.O.S.S. such as "Access Your Higher Self" and "Learn to Read Auras", and these workshops are always inspiring, informative and well received by C.O.S.S's members. She loves helping people develop their spiritual gifts and achieve a sense of peacefulness in their lives.

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Erma MacDonald - Goodhue

Erma was a Co-founder of the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists (C.F.O.S) which has rebranded to today's C.O.S.S. Erma is a gifted Psychic Medium, Teacher, Healer and an Animal Communicator

As a young girl Erma was exposed to the Spirit world within her own family. Her mother was able to communicate with deceased loved ones and read tea leaves and playing cards.


Erma has always believed in spirit because spirit was always around her and she could sense it. Erma was able to see things that others were not, she often had dreams that would come true.

COSS Readers

Joann Homen

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Ashley Miller

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