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At the Community of Spiritual Seekers our goal is to provide a tranquil, energetic, and safe space to support, teach, encourage and enlighten fellow spiritual seekers. The many workshops, services and products we provide are created to strengthen and deepen your true connection with your soul and with the spiritual realm as well as your own personal team of helping spirits, allowing for self -healing, personal self-discovery and self-empowerment to occur.

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To assist you in "Enlightening Your Soul" we have opened an online spiritual gift shop with 1000's of products to nourish your Mind, Body & Soul.


Please visit the "C.O.S.S. SHOP - A Spiritual Gift Shop" and explore the many products available to help with your spiritual expansion and growth.

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Coming Soon!

Products available online at the C.O.S.S. Shop - A Spiritual Gift Shop

And much, much more!

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