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C.F.O.S Transition to the C.O.S.S.

Joann Homen is the founder and president of the Community of Spiritual Seekers and is one of the founders of the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists (CFOS) which was created with the intention of promoting awareness of the Spiritualist religion and its principles, empowering personal transformation and growth, while helping those seeking to explore and experience their connection to the Divine though education, healing, and spirit communication.

In March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic up-ended how the Canadian Fellowship of Spiritualists (CFOS) operated forcing us to end in-person gatherings, workshops, and classes. Ever committed to the important work of helping others, the CFOS team quickly adapted by embracing technology and reaching people via the internet. By doing so, we were delighted in the fact that we were able to reach even more people, and people from all over the world and we watched our Spiritualist organization grow at unprecedented speed.


With this growth we quickly realized the people attending our events, classes, meditations, and workshops were mostly interested in spiritual educational and personal spiritual growth and that they had less interest in the Spiritualist religious component of our organization. We also noticed that our numbers grew exponentially on the spiritual educational offerings and events and not so much on the religious aspect. 

CFOS had always envisioned being a teaching organization and helping people grow spiritually and develop their connection to the divine, as well as promoting the Spiritualist religion. Early on in the pandemic after going online we switched up our offerings to only run the events people seemed to be most interested in. We stopped having our Sunday Spiritualist religious service opting instead to offer educational spiritual classes, workshops etc...

CFOS is a not-for-profit organization and since CFOS has transitioned away from the Spiritualist religious aspect of the organization we have decided to rebrand and convert to an educational /teaching spiritual organization and community. To be able to maintain a "not-for-profit" status CFOS would have to continue to implement the Spiritualist religious component to our services and as mentioned CFOS has shifted away from this in order to accommodate the needs and wants of the people who attend our events and gatherings.  


The new spiritual organization is called the Community of Spiritual Seekers (a.k.a. C.O.S.S) and it will not be operating as a not-for profit and therefore, all purchases will now be subject to HST tax. Unfortunately, without the not-for-profit status , the Community of Spiritual Seekers is legally obligated to charge HST on all goods and services offered.

The transition from CFOS to the Community of Spiritual Seekers (COSS) will be seamless and won't affect you and you don't need to worry about this switch-up. You will see familiar faces and the Community of Spiritual Seekers (COSS) will still be offering the same events you have grown to enjoy and we will still be having multiple free events a month. We are also exploring new exciting and diverse spiritual development programs, classes, and workshops to assist you in your own personal and spiritual growth. 


This is an exciting new opportunity and the Community of Spiritual Seekers (C.O.S.S) is looking forward to reaching even more people all over the world, which will result in our organization helping even more people explore their spirituality and what it means to them while becoming the best version of themselves they can. 

We invite you to come grow with us!


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