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Saturday, Nov. 6th at 1:00 - 3:30 PM ET

Cost: $45.00

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Participants MUST email their date of birth prior to the event, Renee needs this info to identify your Card of Destiny Birth Card.

All are welcome to join us as we discover the many insights from this amazing system!


Have you ever wondered why you’re here?


What is your purpose?


Why you keep repeating the same pattern?


Join us as we discover our personal Destiny Cards and reveal the details of your chosen path.

This ancient esoteric system uses an ordinary deck of cards to reveal an amazingly accurate amount of information regarding your life and that of your loved ones.


A simple, easy system to learn, Destiny cards assist you in understanding your strengths, weaknesses and allow you to see the challenges and rewards coming up for you as you progress through your journey here in this lifetime.


Discover how this system reveals amazingly accurate details of your life, past, present and future, as well as give you an awareness of your gifts and challenges. The Destiny Cards can give you information about yourself in a way that no other method can. Learn how this system can assist you in taking control of your life – becoming the Master of your destiny.


Join us for this introductory class and Discover your Destiny!


*This workshop is a prerequisite for the 4 week Destiny Beginner class

Additional Cards of Destiny Info

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Did you know that the deck of 52 playing cards was originally a calendar and it coincides with our yearly calendar? Each day is associated with one of the playing cards, and one of those days is your birthday.

Cards of Your Destiny is a guide to help you better understand how and why you create your life the way you do. This system is the key to unlocking the secrets of your past, present, and future.


Once a powerful tool for time keeping and divination, an ordinary deck of playing cards hides the keys to humankind's destiny within its sacred numbers and symbols. In CARDS OF DESTINY, the mystical science of the playing cards is combined with the ancient power of the calendar to reveal the universal influences ruling each day of the year.

This system is a powerful and accurate system both for prediction and self-understanding that teach us much about our own personalities, our major life lessons, and our past, present and future.  It shows you the periods and areas in your life where you have the most benefits and blessings and other areas in which you have lessons, trials and challenges. When you know these kinds of specifics and how to offset potential challenges and maximize benefits, it can be a real game changer in your life!


The Cards of Destiny system is an ancient, esoteric science that has been protected and kept secret for many centuries by the mystical Order of the Magi, which has been in existence since before ancient Egyptian times. This system is thought to be over 20,000 years old and has only become public since the 1890s. It’s still relatively unknown but gaining in popularity as people are looking for something to give them guidance in their lives and insights into their own personality and purpose. It’s almost like having an instruction manual for your life, and even deeper, for your soul.

The Science of the Cards

This system uses a regular deck of playing cards, but unlike Tarot or Oracle cards, these have a special position for each year of your life determined by the position the stars and planets were in the day you were born. Your birthday determines your birth or sun card, which makes up your main set of personality traits. There are also secondary personality cards that further influence and color your personality. Each year at your birthday the cards shift to a new yearly position that gives insight into your year.

The Cards are a Calendar

This system has its roots in numerology and astrology and is actually an ancient calendar.

The number on each card has significant meanings as well, so every card in the deck represents specific traits and characteristics, benefits and challenges. The positions each of the cards show up in are significant as well, as the planets each govern a certain area of our lives.

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The Method


This course takes an analytical approach to cartomancy which means you’ll learn to read the cards using a logical, step-by-step process. Specific meanings are assigned based on card numbers, suits and even suit colors (red or black), creating a common-sense method that is easy to apply. Each card has a basic meaning, but you will find new associations for the cards as you work with them. And, as you progress, your intuition will fill in the gaps. Through your readings, you will help yourself and your clients:

· Perceive the present more clearly

· Understand hidden influences

· Uncover blocks and obstacles

· Find solutions

· See how the future may unfold

What the Cards Can Tell You


Each year, from birthday to birthday, you have a predetermined set of cards that fall under certain time periods and planetary influences. These cards are like a road map for your year. There are some very blessed and beneficial cards and influences and some challenging ones.


They can tell you when it’s a good influence to:

  • Start or expand a business, or change careers

  • Move forward with marketing or creative pursuits

  • Move locations or travel

  • Start a new relationship, get married or the birth of a child

  • Make a major purchase, business contracts, real estate deals or legal matters

  • Overcome health challenges and bad habits

The cards can also tell you if you’re in a cycle of money coming in or going out. They warn of potential disappointment, loss and challenges, and of spiritual cycles that challenge you to let go of attachments or move on from things that are no longer good for you. They can even give you great insight into your relationships: love interests, family members, friends, co-workers and business partners.  

Excerpts from Zuna Wellness

Join us for this introductory class and Discover your Destiny!

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