About Joann

Joann Homen is the founder of the Community of Spiritual Seekers and she has been aware of spirit since she was a young child.

These Divinely guided meditations are channeled with the help of Archangel Michael and her team of Helping Spirts with the specific intention of helping you relax, center and calm your busy mind and to help you receive uplifting guidance and insight to help you to live your highest, unlimited life of abundance and potential.


Joann is an upbeat humorous, psychic medium with decades of experience working with spirit and translating the information and guidance from spirit to help others find inner peace and happiness in their lives. 

She has co-authored with Spirit called "God Speaks - Memoirs from God" and she is currently exploring venues to publish her book.

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Meet Your Higher Self with Rev. Sheila Scott

Wed. July 13th  
7:30 - 9:30 PM ET

Your Higher Self is the True You. It is the higher Divine aspect of you that is fully connected to the All, and as a result of this expanded awareness and presence is able to clearly guide and support you in living your most vibrant life.

In this amazing workshop, you are not only going to learn how to connect with your Higher Self, you can expect these 5 amazing things to happen.

  1. You feel an Overwhelming Sense of Harmony and Peace

  2. You feel a Deeper Mind and Body Connection

  3. You experience Inspiration to Do the Things Your Love

  4. Stress, Anxiety, and Burdens Melt Away

  5. You achieve a Greater Sense of Your Connection to the World

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Are You Psychic?

Wed. June 22nd     

7:30 - 9:30 PM ET 

Did you know that everyone is psychic? Yes, you read that correctly, every single person is psychic and has intuitive spiritual gifts.


Did you know that absolutely anyone with an open-mind and a desire to connect to their intuition and psychic abilities can?

This class will help you identify your own inherent spiritual gifts and abilities through various hands-on exercises.


You will discover which of your “Clair Sense/s” are the most developed and how to use them to connect with and communicate with your own personal team of helping spirits.