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Wednesday, Sept 1st

7:30 - 9:30 PM ET

Expect the unexpected when you attend this unique interactive evening. You will have the chance to Ask COSS Medium(s) (Joann, Erma, & Susan) spiritually based questions.

Join us for an evening of casual discussion about mediumship, intuition, psychic abilities, working with the spiritual realm, the afterlife and other spirituality based topics and inquires.

Examples of some of the possible questions:

Where do we go after we die?

Is there someone waiting for us when we die?

Can our loved ones see and hear us?

What happens if we commit suicide?

Is there a Hell?

When / Why do Souls get stuck on Earth?


What is Karma?

What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

How does a psychic medium bridge the two worlds to connect with Spirit?

How does a family member or close friend who has passed make their presence known?

Do they have the ability to influence your physical lives or why do they draw close at certain times?

How to recognize the signs your loved ones send you, and how to interpret them for yourself?

Or other spirituality based topics and questions.

Please keep in mind; this is not for personal psychic questions such as career, relationships, finances, or anything covered in a reading. If you need to explore such topics as listed above you can book a private one-on-one reading with one of the COSS team at :


or an Animal reading at:


The COSS mediums will do their best to answer everyone's questions during this informative evening, this will depend on the number of people attending the event and the types of questions asked, with that said this will be an evening of learning, fellowship, connection and inspiration. Please come with an open mind and be ready to receive knowledge from Spirit.

Although this is a free event we encourage donations at: 

Zoom Link Details will be sent to attendees shortly before the event so please check your email for the link.

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