January 26th

7:30 - 9:00

Cost: $40.00


\Channeled communications of guidance from your angels are shared. Traversing the etheric and astral realms, surrendering, and allowing a space where Spirit is validated, readings are imbued with angelic love and bliss.  
This gallery event has limited attendance to encourage as many individual readings as time allows.   Even if you do not receive a personalized reading, being in the presence of angelic frequencies is a wonderful way to start this New Year.

Angel Readings are a fun and powerful way to connect with the love and guidance of your angels and spirit guides to support you in your life now.

Do you have questions about situations in your life and don't feel like you have anyone you can talk to about these kinds of spiritual or love-related questions? Having an angel reading or psychic reading can be a great way to gain insight and perspective on all kinds of life's challenges.

What Are Angel Readings?

Angel Readings are a type of psychic or intuitive reading where you or a reader tunes into information, love, guidance, and frequency from the angelic realm.

Angel Readings can be useful to help answer life’s tough questions or to tune into guidance and new perspectives at times of transition, uncertainty, or to simply tune into general guidance and what your angels most want you to know now.

The guidance of the angels is always available to all who call upon it…

At all times and all places there are angels with you, ready willing and able to help you, support you and guide you in your life… It simply takes asking for their help, being willing to receive it, and then quieting your mind, opening your heart and tuning into the love and guidance of the angels.

 I connect with your Guardian Angels and Archangels to heal and harmonize aspects of your life by helping you to receive Divine Guidance. For example, you may wish to ask the Angels about your relationships, career, and other life challenges. During the reading, you may also connect with loved ones in the spirit world.

Your reading will be a reflection of where you are at, at this time and the possibilities that are open to you. Of course, at any point in time, you can make a different choice. The Angels will deliver the gifts of inspiration and hope that empower you to make decisions. It’s yo

An Angel Reading is like a psychic reading except the questions are directed to a person’s guardian angels and the archangels for the purpose of providing healing and/or guidance. This guidance can cover life purpose, career, health, love, romance and children.​

Angels are everywhere. They protect and watch over us, heal us, guide us and lead us to the actualization of our unlimited potential. Angels work behind the scenes in our lives, just waiting for an invitation to consciously connect with us. These readings provide such an opportunity.

Certified by Charles Virtue as an Advanced Angel Therapy Practitioner, these readings connect with both your personal angels and the Archangels to provide messages of support, encouragement, and direction. These reading and healing sessions are gentle and affirming, and dissolve doubt, disease and uncertainty in all life areas.


Angel readings channel messages directly from your personal angel to facilitate in successes, positive outcomes, and fulfillment in any and all areas of your life. Readings will also help you to connect with your angels and learn how to be in relationship with them, so you may utilize their support as needed.


Angel healing utilizes the energy and grace of the Archangels to bring health, well-being, success and harmony into your life, work and relationships. Come with specific needs to be addressed or ask for general healing which is in accordance with your highest and best good.

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