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June 29th 

7:30 - 9:30

Cost: $35.00


Is life stressing you out?


Are you looking for answers to situations in your life?


Do you feel alone and misunderstood?


Are you unsure of what to do next in your life?


​Angel Card Readings are gentle, loving messages from your angelic team of Angels and Archangels, and they provide guidance, reassurance and insight about the various situations and experiences going on in your life.

How does an Angel card reading help?

Angel cards can give insight into:


And much more!


People generally find great comfort in Angel readings, because they help them to see the “Big” picture in a much clearer way and from an elevated perspective.

Angels and Archangels are powerful spiritual beings from the light who work for the Divine Creator to assist us. They are always nonjudgmental and loving helpers that are always available to help us with any and all of our concerns. Your Angelic team are here to support you with an unwavering and unconditional love.

During an Angel card reading the Joann will be connecting directly with your personal helping Angel team for guidance, insight and the result is, you receive reassuring support and messages that will bring you peace of mind.

Angel card readings are never frightening, and they provide insight and answers to those seeking direction in their life.

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Angel Card Readings are similar to tarot readings except that your Angels and Guides are the ones guiding helping you to pick the cards. You will have three Angel Decks to choose from and after you select the deck that you are drawn to, or should I say that your Angelic team influences you to pick, you will instruct Joann when to stop shuffling  the cards. At that time she will draw three cards from the top (unless otherwise directed by your Angels) which will represent the past, present and future in your reading.

Joann will then share the Angels guidance, insight and loving words with you. 

How Accurate is an Angel Card Reading?

During an Angel card reading, you can’t draw the wrong card. By the guidance of the angels, the law of attraction, and synchronicity, you will draw the right cards at the right time.

The nature of the cards and the guidance of your angels will lead you to draw the angel cards whose vibration matches your energy and the energy of your question.

Angel Cards generally guides the sitter towards making a decision but please keep in mind that it is important to keep an open mind to reap the full benefits of your angel card readings.

People generally find great comfort in Angel readings, because they help them to see the “Big” picture in a much clearer way and from an elevated perspective.

This is the perfect opportunity to see what guidance your Angels have for you to help make your life easier and more peaceful.

The length of the readings will vary in time depending on what spirit has to say but the messages will be between 5 – 10 minutes long.

Zoom Link Details will be sent out shortly before the event on the day of the event so please check your email for the link.

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