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Join us for this amazing online event with International "Evidential" Medium Andrew Lindsay as he delivers messages from loved ones on the other side!

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Saturday May 20th

1:00 - 3:00


Cost: $45.00 + tax

Andrew will do his best to give as many messages as possible, but due to the

number of attendees we cannot guarantee messages for everyone.

Please note that message lengths will vary.

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International (from Central Scotland) medium Andrew Lindsay takes the responsibility of being an evidential medium very seriously, making him one of the most highly-sought after mediums around.


As a result he is often invited worldwide not only for demonstrations of mediumship, but to also mentor at self-development & spiritual growth seminars.


Andrew has taught his spiritual growth and mediumistic development workshops and seminars all over the world including Israel, The Canary Islands, Mainland Europe, Egypt, Russia, Canada, America to name a few.

Andrew has been working as a full-time evidential medium for over 20 years and he enjoys helping others by sharing messages from their loved ones from the other side. Andrew is always very kind and caring and his messages are very loving, thoughtful and sympathetic.

With that said, sometimes Andrew's messages have a fun, upbeat manner to them because, as it turns out, our deceased loved ones often have quite a sense of humor and this humor often comes out in Andrew's messages and interactions with them. 

Andrew also offers private personal readings / sittings as well as demonstrations of mediumship in Halls and Theatres etc. Andrew continues to serve S.N.U and other spiritualist organizations throughout Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland, Europe, American and Canada.

Being an evidential medium is a huge responsibility and one Andrew does not take lightly. His goal is to interact with our loved ones on the other side and to communicate the information that our loved one want us to know. Ultimately the work of evidential mediums is to help the living heal from their grief and to give them some sense of closure following the loss of their loved one. Grief runs deep in the souls of those who carry it and can weigh deeply on their mental health.

An evidential medium is a person that connects with loved ones that have passed on and who now reside in the afterlife.


The medium provides the sitter (the person who is having the reading) evidence of their loved. The evidence the loved ones often provide are things like: their physical description, personality traits, favorite hobbies, what they did for a living, where they lived, etc. etc.


By doing so the recipient (sitter) of the reading knows exactly who the medium is connecting to in the spiritual realm.

This evidence usually provides great comfort and relief to the living because through this loving interaction and they realize that their deceased loved ones are still around and that they are quite interested in our lives and they are watching over us, trying to assist us in our lives in a nurturing way and that our loved ones still love us from the afterlife.

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Our deceased loved ones may have a variety of things to say to their living loved ones, whether they have amends to make, want to tell the person that they see detrimental habits that they have, or simply want to tell them that they love them and miss being with them. The style of communication depends on who the spirit was in life and who the person that they are interacting with is to them.

During these special interactions it is important to note that not all sitters (the person who is having the reading), may or may not recognize all the information that comes through. This does not mean that the information is incorrect or random in any way. The specific spirit that has come to communicate a message to the evidential medium brings specific information and messages for a reason.

If the recipient/sitter does not immediately recall the information or if it does not readily make sense, it is not uncommon for this information and its meaning to be revealed at a later date.

It may be that the recipient/sitter has temporarily forgotten certain details, or it could be information for the future, or it could be that the recipient/sitter needs to speak to another person on earth to validate the information. Either way, loved ones in spirit will do what they can to help the recipient /sitter remember at a later time or will help them to remember the information that came through in the reading when the future event occurs.

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Our deceased loved ones are the ones that decide if they will answer our questions or what information they will share, and if so, how they will answer those question. The evidential medium has no control over this, the onus is completely on our loved ones in the afterlife to communicate what they want, when they want to and if they want to.

Our loved ones who have ascended to the spiritual realm, have a much broader view of life on earth, and they know better than we do the information we need to receive in order to heal our lives and are looking for the opportunity to do so.

Come join us for this very special

event featuring Andrew Lindsay.

Andrew will do his best to give as many messages as possible, but due to the

number of attendees we cannot guarantee messages for everyone.

Please note that message lengths will vary.

Zoom Link Details will be sent to attendees shortly before the event so please check your email for the link and kindly ensure that we have the email address that you CHECK REGULARLY!

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