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About the Community of Spiritual

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If you are interested in Spirituality, Meditation, Spiritual Healing, Spiritualism, Mediumship Development, Psychic Development or if you want to develop your spiritual gifts and abilities Then this is the community is for you. 

We are all at different stages on our spiritual path, with some just beginning their journey and others are more aware and knowledgeable. Our Spiritual Community is here to assist all those who are seeking spiritual fulfillment and to guide everyone towards their highest spiritual potential.

We are a non-denominational, inter-faith Spiritual Community that respects everyone for their unique qualities and welcomes people from all walks of life. We share the light, love, and knowledge of spirit without divisive dogma or restrictive rules.

We are dedicated to empowering personal transformation and growth and helping those seeking to explore and deepen their connection to the Divine though education, healing, and spirit communication.

We believe that our spiritual journey is not singular, and that we can work together in love and light to discover the truth and wisdom we are seeking.

The Community of Spiritual Seekers is a heart-centered spiritual community dedicated to empowering personal transformation and growth. We help those seeking to explore and experience their connection to the Divine though education, healing, and spirit communication. If it is your desire, we will provide you with opportunities to develop your own unique spiritual abilities and help you gain a deeper understanding and connection with the spiritual realm.

Are you a spiritual seeker and adventurer?

Many people seek answers to life's questions and are looking for guidance and direction and are unsure if they are on the right path or are seeking insight concerning a decision they need to make.

Do you find yourself intrigued by questions such as:

Do you want to know how your past lives affect your life today?

Do you wonder what a re-occurring dream may be trying to tell you?

Do you have questions about your spiritual destiny?

If so, come and connect with like-minded souls and learn new ways of exploring your inner world and your connection to the spiritual realm. Join us and meet people from all over the world who share your interest in spiritual experiences and personal growth.

Our events will help you explore your inner worlds, connect to the spiritual realm, and thrive spiritually. Our goal is to help you validate and understand your spiritual experiences and gain insight to explore the meaning behind them. These experiences can include meeting loved ones on the other side, learning from spiritual guides, following an intuition, hearing spiritual sounds, seeing spiritual lights, and discovering how spiritual realities can guide our daily lives.

We offer guided meditations, messages from spirit, spiritual development workshops and classes, specialty spiritual events, webinars, seminars, and discussions on spiritual topics. Many of our events are free of charge!

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We explore topics such as:


Angels, ascended masters, and spiritual guides

Past lives and out-of-body experiences

Understanding the spiritual meaning of your dreams

Meeting your Spirit Guides and Helping Spirit Team

Angel Communication

Learning how to navigate and deepen your intuitive abilities.


Psychic Development

Opening and strengthening your senses, etc.

Channeling techniques

Meeting your Higher Self


Have you had a spiritual experience?

Unveiling Fears

Clearing subconscious negative beliefs

Letting go of self-doubts and blockages.

Knowing how to set boundaries.

Free will / intentions

Grounding techniques

Aligning your energy

And much more...

At the Community of Spiritual Seekers (C.O.S.S). we believe that when we develop our spiritual abilities, including intuition and mediumship, they enhance our lives in an uplifting and positive way. Aligning ourselves with the universal energy through positive thought and positive action result in kindness and goodwill prevailing in our lives.


When you attend our events, you will find a safe-Haven free of judgement, dogma, discrimination, and pressure. We are not here to change your beliefs; we are here to help you achieve the greatest version of yourself possible on your path to spiritual awakening and understanding!

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